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Digitization and restoration are a major component of what we do here at Nicolettecinemagraphics. Digital restoration is an art form and can often take the hand of a skilled artist. We have been able to digitally recreate burnt documents and ripped photographs for clients. We also provide digital transfers of negatives, slides, VHS, Digital 8, MiniDV, Reel to Reel audio, audio cassette and several other formats. With backgrounds in library science, art handling, and archives we are trained to know what needs to happen to make your digital image look as good as possible.

Barber Shop Before

Antique photograph mounted on cardboard. The image here has been split in half, roughed edges, and discoloring from age. See the next photo to see it restored.

Barber Shop After

Antique photograph mounted on cardboard. The image here was split in half, had roughed edges, and was discolored from age. With digital tools we were able to put the two pieces back together and create a digital facsimile of the original image that bares very few of the original issues and would be suitable for printing.