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Poetic/Experimental Video


My work has taken on many different genres and phases, from a documentary to political satire to personal essays.  The most prolific genre has been a set of personal essays.  These pieces have been diverse and very unique.  Each embodies a single concept that can be as simple as a creative block or mourning rituals.  Void (2008) is simply a black frame with dialog, while Adaptive Resolution (2007) is a flicker film with stills and simple animation.  These personal essays are meant to engage the viewer with the concept while using my voice as a background.  I often bridge analog with digital, still with moving images, archival with new footage; which are married with unconventional methods and equipment to obtain the precise feel for each piece.  Your Memories is about stories handed down through generations becoming the memories of the next generation.  Ennui focuses on depression from boredom and mundanity.  In Lamentation I deal with the loss of a parent and how we cope in these modern times.